arts course

Arts, B.A., M.A.
(Semester System)

“The varied nature of Arts Programmes offered through DE is in line with the varied interests and aspirations of Distance Education students. Whether one wants to learn ‘Mathematics’, ‘Economics’, ‘Sociology’, ‘Education’, ‘History’, ‘Political Science’ or one wants to attain mastery of most commonly spoken languages in India viz, Hindi and English. These Programmes are designed to make you a successful Mathematician, Economist, Sociologist, Educationalist, Historian, Political Scientist or Linguist.

After 10+2 (12th)

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (3 yrs.)
  • Elective Courses in B.A.:
  • Economics (English Medium)
  • Computer Applications (English Medium)
  • Management (English Medium)
  • History (English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium)
  • Political Science (English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium)
  • Sociology (English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium)
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi

After Graduation

  • Master of Arts (Economics) (English/ Hindi Medium) [(M.A.) (Economics) (2yrs.)]
  • Master of Arts (English) (M.A.) (English) (2yrs.)
  • Master of Arts (History) (English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium) (M.A.) (History) (2yrs.)
  • Master of Arts (Mathematics) (English Medium) (M.A.) (Mathematics) (2yrs.)
  • Master of Arts (Political Science) (English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium) (M.A.) (Political Science) (2yrs.)
  • Master of Arts (Sociology) (English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium) (M.A.) (Sociology) (2yrs.)
  • Master of Arts (Education) (English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium) (M.A.) (Education (2yrs.)

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