Early Child Care Courses



Learn Much More Than You Expect!

Early Childhood Education

  • Art, music and movement, imaginative, dramatic and creative play
  • Childrens’ literature
  • Science and maths, constructive, manipulative
  • Sand and water play carpentry
  • Structure/Roles of Helping Agencies
  • Changing parenting and child raising patterns
  • Programme planning

Infant Care

  • Care of the newborn baby to 36 months
  • Breastfeeding management, bottle feeding, Introducing solids
  • Baby bathing, Teething, Supervision
  • Nutrition, Immunization
  • Pregnancy, Post Natal Depression, Monitors for at-risk babies
  • Visiting babies to tutorials for practical demonstrations
  • Settling young children Responsive caregiving

Child Development

  • A comprehensive understanding of the child from birth to adolescence.
  • Conception and birth, attachment
  • Physical, intellectual, social, language & emotional development
  • Guiding childrens’ behaviour
  • Special needs
  • Child observations and running records

Home Management

  • Cleaning routines and home maintenance
  • Organisation skills
  • Professional conduct in the home
  • Appropriate use and understanding of home appliances
  • Car Safety


  • Water safety and survival, Home safety and security
  • First Aid Certificate (pediatric)
  • Traffic safety, children’s car seats
  • Fire safety
  • Playground safety, Toys and baby equipment

Professional Development

  • Role of nanny, Professional ethics
  • Interview skills, Employment Contracts, Job Descriptions
  • Employer/employee relationships, C.Vs
  • Self employment,
  • Self-defence certificate
  • Bi-culturalism Multicultural issues


  • Selection, planning, preparation & presentation of children’s & family meals.
  • Menu planning, Food sensitivities, Allergies
  • Food processing & hygiene
  • Good food habits for children
  • Nutrition for babies, children of different ages, pregnant & lactating women
  • nutritional goals


  • Communicable diseases, Childhood illnesses and conditions
  • Caring for the sick child, baby massage
  • Role of health professionals, Holistic health.
  • Hospitalisation of children
  • Child protection
  • Recognition of child abuse
  • Dental Health,