What is Hotel Management?

Hotel management courses deal with the hospitality sectors such as hotels, customer service,
cooking, front office management, etc. 
 Students need to secure a minimum of 50% marks in class 10 and class 12 to be eligible
for hotel management courses. Arts, Commerce, and Science students can apply for hotel
management courses after the 12th.
 Certificate hotel management courses can be pursued directly after completion of class
 The average hotel management course duration is 1 – 2 years. Certificate and diploma
courses in hotel management may take less than a year to complete.
Why Hotel Management Courses?
Types of Hotel Management courses do not limit the scope of the students only within the
hospitality sector.
 It depends on the student whether to be a manager of a 5-star hotel in the city or run an exotic
resort in the hills
 Students have the opportunity to live abroad and explore new countries. Top Hotel Chains hire
good managers to manage hotels all over the world.
 According to Payscale the starting salary after graduating with hotel management courses start
from INR 2,00,000 to INR 6,00,000. With experience, it can reach around INR 12,00,000 to INR
 It provides a perfect opportunity for students who want to own their hotel or resort. With a few
years of experience working in the field and a little capital, students have the potential to run
their businesses in the hospitality industry. 
 This sector will make an individual at the center of the melting pot of many cultures. This
provides an opportunity to learn so many things about so many different people and places
along with their food habits and luxury preferences.
Why Hotel Management is Important?
Hotel management is important because hotel managers have numerous responsibilities for
themselves. Hotel managers are in charge of managing employees as well as planning,
marketing, coordinating, and administering hotel services such as catering and lodging.
Why Hotel Management as a Career?
It comes as no surprise that hotel management can provide you with whatever you desire. The
hospitality industry provides a remunerative job that is sufficient to cover your expenses while
also providing opportunities for future growth.
Skills Required to be a Hotel Manager

Students who dream of entering the hotel industry after completing hotel management courses
need to have some skills to excel in the field. 
Observation Skills
Students must have the ability to understand the needs and preferences of the customer without
the customer blurting them out. Most customers may not even make their needs known and may
be accommodative to the hotel. But the hotel owner must understand the needs through good
observation skills and make sure the services are available to that customer. Small variations in
behavior on the part of the customer is important for the owner to notice.
Situational Awareness
Striving in the hotel industry can be quite difficult. Problems prop up from nowhere and
sometimes may take the hotel owner by surprise. Unwanted problems and unwanted situations
can only be solved through situational awareness and the ability to foresee problems before they
arise. Situational awareness helps to avoid various problems which may affect customer service.
Hotel Management Courses help to provide such skills during the tenure of the course through
internships which provide on-field training to the students. 
A hotel or resort is possible to run only through teamwork. Running a hotel has many teams
starting from the kitchen to room service, front end, etc. All the teams should be able to work
together and complement each other’s work. Each team must know what task is assigned to
everyone so that they can inform the necessary work to that particular team and not become a
hindrance to each other’s work. 
Multitasking Ability
All hotel workers must be able to take over if someone is unable to perform his/her task due to
unavoidable circumstances. Hotel managers must have the ability to multitask since problems
will not come one by one, they will come together, the manager must be able to handle multiple
problems together. 
Cooking Skills
Cooking is the most important skill in the hotel industry. Hotel management courses focus a
huge part of their time on imparting cooking skills. Different types of cooking skills including
Different cuisines are taught to the students. Both theory-based and practical knowledge is
provided to the students when it comes to cooking. 
Communication Skills
One of the most important aspects of the hotel industry is the communication skills of the
manager along with the staff. Polite behavior and the mindset to help the customer and the intent

to provide the best service possible is always welcome. The customer must always be greeted
with a smiling face.