Vision & Values

Our Vision

The mission of Azad Foundation to start the trendz institute of skills is to contribute to nation and society through the pursuit of Learning & Training (Professional Skills) at highest international levels of excellence and to stand on the same scaffold with other institute of eminence.

Core Values

Freedom of thought and expression

 Freedom of discrimination

Freedom from mental poverty

The Guiding Principals

The courage to dream

 The thirst of knowledge

The passion to excel

 The conviction to break free

 The vision to build

The skill to achieve

The character to inspire

Target Audience for professional skills

Students planning to work/Job Abroad

 Students aspiring to improve their confidence

People needing English for their everyday work of life

 Those who are attending courses over a period and require a series of graded examinations which provide steps up in the ladder of proficiency

 School Students from class 10th onwards